Звезда «Секса в большом городе» страдает из-за травли со стороны коллег

Hollywood actress Kim cattrall has refused to star in the new “Sex in the city”, said that because of his choice suffers from the harassment of colleagues on the series.

In the cult TV series for women from HBO’s “Sex and the city” that began to be released in the late 1990-ies, cattrall played the femme fatale Samantha Jones who not only speaks openly about sex, money and career, but will never recede from its position. Probably, this trait of Kim borrowed from your character. Over the last several years, she does not give in to the requests of the creators of “Sex and the city” to star in his sequel. While the fans are supportive of the actress and know her choices, colleagues, especially Sarah Jessica Parker, the clash, and accused of cattrall in the desire to attract attention.

In a recent interview with “The assets of guardian’s Observer,” Kim admitted that he still has feelings of persecution from their colleagues on the series. The actress doesn’t understand why they can’t accept her choice, and stresses that “Sex in the city” is long passed stage.

— I passed the finish line, playing Samantha Jones, because I loved this series, commented Kim cattrall. – “Sex in the city” was a kind of blessing, but after the second movie, I decided that’s enough for me.

Also the star said that he does not understand all the fuss over her refusal to shoot, because Samantha could play another actress.

— No, — firmly said cattrall.

We will add that earlier, a source in Hollywood told the newspaper “The Sun” that Kim cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker in everyday life do not talk to each other. He also talked about the probable cause of failure of cattrall from filming:

— During the filming of the last part of the show, Kim felt that Sarah considers himself more important than others. By the time the shooting ended, Kim told his team that he will never star in another movie with Sarah, the source added.

Catral also admitted that they had never been friends with Sarah Jessica Parker.

We will add, as stated by Kim, for the filming of “Sex and the city” she was unable to have unwanted children and to build a normal relationship.

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