Пласидо Доминго обвиняют в домогательствах, длинною в 30 лет

At the world famous tenor Placido Domingo was accused of harassment towards fellow women. According to Western media, the harassment lasted for more than thirty years.

Пласидо Доминго обвиняют в домогательствах, длинною в 30 лет

Placido Domingo, the legendary Spanish Opera singer, Director of the Los Angeles Opera, multiple winner of “Grammy”. In 78 years of life more than 50 years he performs on the big stage. His talent and hard work, Domingo has earned worldwide calling. During his life, the singer managed to appear on Opera stages several dozen countries.

Today, the world has stirred up new information about the life of Placido nine women of his entourage accused the tenor of harassment. According to the publication of AR, using their high positions, the Opera singer molested and made ambiguous allusions to fellow singers and dancers. While some argue that Placido climbed it under a skirt, others speak only about the attempts of kisses and obsessive invitations for a date. According to the ladies, it happened in a dressing room, dressing rooms, hotel rooms, and at business dinners.

A business lunch is normal. But when someone tries to put a hand on yours during a business lunch, put it on your knee – this is not normal! During such meetings, Placido oddly touched me and always kissed, said one of the victims from harassment tenor.

Almost all women who reported harassment to hide their name. Agreed to the disclosure of private data is only one of the female singers – Patricia Wolfe. According to the woman, the harassment started at the time when Placido hired her for joint concerts.

Photo: Patricia wolf

In the stories of all prosecutors traced in common. Domingo Intrusive communicated with women: often called (repeatedly it was late at night) and offered to meet with him alone – in his apartment or in your hotel room to give professional advice and tips.

However, none of the women are unable to document the attempts of harassment: to show text messages or record conversations. However, more than thirty representatives of the environment of the tenor confirmed that occasionally noticed inappropriate behavior of the tenor concerning women.

Himself Placido Domingo and categorically denies such accusations. He also stressed that he’s hurt and unpleasant, if by his behavior he could have someone to insult you or make you feel uncomfortable.

— The allegations of these unknown women profoundly upset me… I have always believed that my relationship with people was mutual, and the actions did not cause discomfort to others, — commented on the situation Placido.

According to Placido Domingo, his friends and colleagues know that he never wanted to hurt anyone by their actions.

Note, for more than a year Western world kotitsya wave of confessions in sexual harassment. So, while the harassment accused Director woody Allen, actor James Franco, the President of the United States Donald trump, photographer Patrick Demarchelier, and even magician David Copperfield.

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