Звезда «Крика» стала мамой во второй раз
The actress has adopted a cute baby.

Звезда «Крика» стала мамой во второй раз

Neve Campbell


Fans of stars of the franchise “Scream” actress Neve
Campbell pleased and surprised at the unexpected news. 44-year-old actress said,
her family had another baby. “Absolutely uncomplicated joy! It’s not a secret anymore. Now Jay officially
became foster parents!” — wrote
Campbell on his page in the social network.

She admitted that the process of adoption, which
ended recently, she and her boyfriend, British actor J. J. field have started another 5
months ago and all this time kept their intentions secret. Handsome boy, who became their adopted son, called Rainroom.
Have Raynor has an older brother Caspian, biological child Neve and JJ. He’s 6 already
years, and he was delighted with the appearance of the baby is not less than the parents. “Barely awake,
our eldest son asks: “Can I
to hold the brother on his hands? Can I
to feed him? And when will I be able to play with him?”
So I feel happy in all respects happy.” — said the actress.

With her boyfriend NIV the beginning
to meet once in 2011. since then, However, they are not yet gathered
to legalize their relationship. Perhaps because she had already twice
to be married, and marriages of Campbell were not the most pleasant
impressions. The first time she married canadian actor Jeff Colt, and in
the second time, the wife of John layt. Both marriages were not too long — they lasted about three

Neve Campbell with her son Caspian