Герцогиня Кэтрин унаследует титул принцессы Дианы
The wife of Prince William is unlikely to become Queen.

Герцогиня Кэтрин унаследует титул принцессы Дианы

Elizabeth II.Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William with his wife and children


The health of Queen Elizabeth, who celebrated the 92nd birthday, can be assessed as good —
of course, for her age. Nevertheless, the crown of Britain in
one day inevitably will get a successor. This event
will make a real difference in the lives not only of the heir, but to the other members
the Royal family — especially Prince William and his wife Catherine.

About who will inherit the throne, Elizabeth spoke
repeatedly. So, this year, the day after his birthday,
speaking to the heads of Commonwealth countries, the Queen said: “My fondest
and sincere desire is to one day Prince Charles continued
my business …” the fact that according to numerous sociological surveys,
the British would like to see the next monarch is not Charles, and Prince William,
doesn’t change anything. By law and by the will of Elizabeth, the crown will go to the eldest son
Queen. Unless, of course, Prince Charles, who, as a direct heir
see, in the old tradition, referred to currently the Prince of Wales, he will not surrender in favor

However, such a scenario is unlikely. When
once Charles becomes king, William will take place, which before
took his father — that is, he will become the first heir to the throne. So
instead of a title that belongs to him today — that is, the Duke of Cambridge, William
get a new one. It will be called the Prince of Wales, and his wife Catherine
must therefore become the Princess of Wales.

Recall that it was so called as once the mother
William — Princess Diana. However, after
her tragic death, contrary to centuries of tradition, this title was
vacant. Although Prince Charles and married again — his longtime mistress
Camilla Parker-Bowles, she was the only Cornish Duchess that
is considered a title of lower rank. According to the official, Camille allegedly, she refused the honor of becoming a Duchess
Wales. But unofficial — that opposed the Queen. So
Katherine will become the first Princess of Wales after Diana. However, even when it
husband William, one day, be king, Catherine was not destined to be called
Queen. Because she is a person
not of Royal blood, the wife of Prince William will be announced only

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles