Звезде «Реальных пацанов» Зое Бербер угрожают в интернете

The actress has warned fans that her page in Instagram want hack.

Zoya Berber – active user of social networks. She posts photos from the shoot, share homemade images, participates in mass online campaigns. All this attracts the attention of not only fans but also hackers. As said the actress to Instagram, the unknown threatens to hack her page.

“In advance to protect yourself, as I suspect that the tricks these people enough. Already know who it is, how it works and how many have been hacked. Even the prosecutors know about him, but bottom line, he continues to vandalize. I’ll hope for a good continuation of the story of my page,” wrote Zoya Berber.

Note that today the star of “Real boys” 465 thousand followers on Instagram. If the page of the actress is still hacked, it will have to change accounts.

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Zoya Berber is not the first Russian star, who came under attack by hackers. So, in April, the fraudsters hacked into the website of TV presenter Andrey Bednyakov in Instagram and had replaced all of his videos on animal videos. And microblogging Sati Casanova, Anfisa Chekhova and Anna Semenovich just deleted, demanding for the return of a large sum of money.