Федоров о причине отказа от эротических сцен с Андревой

The grandfather of actor Peter Fedorov said that his grandson he refused sex scenes with Paulina Andreeva.

September 29, on the screens out the film “Duelist” in which Pyotr Fyodorov played a major role. While the actor presents a picture at a festival in Toronto, the journalists communicated with his relatives in Moscow. For example, the grandfather of Peter Evgeny Fedorov, also an actor and, by the way, is a great authority for his grandson, spoke about his filming of another movie, “Locusts”. In this picture, taken in 2013, partner Peter was Paulina Andreeva, who later became the bride of a novel. According to Evgeny Paton, the movie was supposed to be a sex scene, but Peter refused to be in it.

— It is permanent and responsible, the other is not looking (Fedorov and his civil wife Anastasia have been together for about 13 years. — Approx. ed.). Here he was shooting with the bride Fyodor Bondarchuk – Pauline. When the Director said to act in a bed scene, Peter refused. I admitted that he had not pulled it to this artist. Andreev tried to persuade him, she was ready on all for the sake of art, – quotes Evgeny Fedorov “StarHit”.

Curiously, at the dawn of his career, Peter is much more willing to agree to the erotic scenes. Here’s what the actor said in 2009, in an interview with “Antenna”:

— In the TV series “Club” I had two days to film the only sex scenes we filmed them for future use. I played the such lover. And here two days in his room lying on my bed and it’s a different girl come, only cowards have time to change. Me the whole set was carbon monoxide poisoning. One girl leaves, comes the following short dialogue: “I’m Olya. “I Peter” – and away we go. I felt like a porn star. Nastya this situation is treated with humor. In the end, she’ll take the oath. She’s 15 years working as a model. As a public person and understand everything. I think the girls are much less pleasant sex scenes with your participation than the fans attention.

Apparently, over time, the actor changed his views. But now Pauline is not allowed to act in a bed scene Bondarchuk…