Glyuk oZу beat in the eyes of passers-by

Глюк'oZу избили на глазах прохожих

Fortunately, the attack on the singer was just one of the scenes of her upcoming clip, which was filmed with a hidden camera.

Recently Glyuk’oza presented a new song “Without you”. The singer does not hide that this song was written by Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina, told its own story.

— There was a time when I really started thinking whether I did, leaving the boy, zatiranie me to the point of exhaustion, – shared the singer in Instagram, talking about this story. But these thoughts vanished as soon as I crossed the threshold of his house, where I met beloved husband and daughter! Sometimes in life you have to make difficult decisions! Then I walked away from a loved one who choked me out of jealousy, claims, threats! Left to find the true happiness! A mutual love of two free-spirited people!

Glyuk’oza now working on a video for this song, too, tells fans. Yesterday, she published a post in which he said that the shooting of one scene… it was beaten. And on the street and filmed it with a hidden camera, so that passers-by constantly disrupted workflow, rushing to help.

— This video was very experimental, ” writes the singer. — There is footage of me on the street and is candid. There I am experiencing a very difficult emotion… But, you know, people who I did not know, just passers-by, were ready to jump to my aid, spoke words of encouragement… At some point I had to stop shooting to calm them down. And to explain that it’s just a shot and the guy hit me not much… can’t wait to show you what happened. Soon I will share with you a story that was in my life…

The opinion of the subscribers were divided. Someone approved the idea, and someone, on the contrary, decided that the guy is not worth it to make him a star: “the Idea, of course, strong, but, for me, too great honor that guy, which is song. The past should stay in the past, especially such horrible memories.” But those and others are waiting for a new video impatiently.