Хакеры похоронили Брэда Питта

And disseminated by the sad news.

The hype surrounding the divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie have used hackers. In social networks there was a link to the alleged report of the FOX News channel about the death of the actor. No relation to the channel she has, and when you try to go into device gets a virus that steals usernames and passwords of user accounts.

Himself-brad the news about his “death” has not yet commented on. But, you can assume to joke about it right now. Apparently, the actor is very upset with the divorce and decided not to go out. For example, he’s not coming to the premiere of the documentary film “Travel time”, which reads the narration. The tape about the history of the Universe took Terrence Malick, with whom pitt worked in the film “Tree of life”, and under other circumstances he certainly would not have missed this event…

— I was happy to participate in the creation of this educational film and I recommend everyone to watch it. However, now I’m focused on solving their own family problems. I would not like to have my family situation diverted the attention of the audience from the film, the actor commented on his decision in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Recall that brad and Angelina broke up after 12 years of relationship. Filed for divorce, Jolie, citing “irreconcilable differences”. Among the more specific reasons, the media called the betrayal of brad and his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

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