VIDEO: the actor admitted, who gave a fee for his role

ВИДЕО: Хабенский признался, кому отдал гонорар за свою роль
The actor presented a new picture with his participation.

In Moscow premiere of the film “the Collector”, in which
the main and only role was played by Konstantin Khabensky. Before viewing
picture the actor said that some of the money from the shows will go to the charity

“I want to say thank you to those who
come to see the movie “the Collector”, because part of the funds earned from
rental, will go to help sick children”, — said the actor.

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

For the whole picture in the frame is just his character
a collector that calls heavily indebted and knocks them off. Being
a good psychologist, the hero Habensky quickly finds a vulnerable debtor and
skillfully uses them. But suddenly the collector himself becomes the victim: the wife
one of the debtors, committed suicide after a conversation with
collector, decides to take revenge on him. In a scandalous video
his participation. In the result turn away from him friends and colleagues, and locked
in the office Arthur faces a choice — to commit suicide or for one
night to find out who framed him.

The idea of the film was created by Director Alexei Krasovsky: during
the passage of the gastroscopy, the doctor was distracted by a phone call. The patient
which remained at this point in a very unpleasant and painful position,
came up with the idea — and suddenly it’s the creditor calls, because the calls collectors always