Звезда «Реальных пацанов» Владимир Селиванов впервые стал отцом Actor and singer celebrates a new baby in the family. The choice of Vladimir Selivanov gave him a charming girl. Fellow artists on the series channel TNT celebrated the happy event with him. In honor of the heiress Selivanova they made a merry party.

31-year-old actor and musician Vladimir Selivanov, known for the role of Vova in the series “Real boys”, recently told fans the happy news. The beloved TV stars gave him a charming girl.

In the microblog of the men there was a photograph in which he is shown with a cot. Speaking of long-awaited addition to the family, the artist did not hide joyful emotions.

“My daughter was born!” – said Vladimir.

Other details Selivanov chose not to share. Fans of the actor congratulated him on the advent of the successor and wished it to grow healthy and strong, to the delight of his parents. “Cheers,” “Let your Princess will take the best from mom and dad”, “the happiness of your family, Very happy for you”, “wow!”, “Father Vladimir. Well done, man”, “Unexpected news”, “Raised you a toast”, “good Luck,” was discussed by users of social networks.

Note that the second half of Vladimir Selivanov known not so much. The actor prefers to keep his girlfriend from public attention. In an interview, the man told of how met his future beloved. According to Vladimir, she wrote to him on Instagram. The mysterious stranger seemed Selivanovo creative. Young people easily found a common language with each other.

Journalists contacted a colleague and friend of Vladimir Selivanov and Anton Bogdanov, who confirmed that his friend celebrating a new baby in the family. The actor also revealed the name of the successor of the role of Vova. According to Bogdanov, the crew of the series TNT gave a party in honor Selivanov and his lady.

“Vova beautiful daughter, they named her eve. We congratulated him on our team “Real boys”. There was a mini party. However, at that time I was filming, I could not attend. Arrived late in the night when the party was coming to an end,” said Anton.

Before you visit Selivanova, his buddy went to the store for a gift for a charming eve. Bogdanov decided to treat the child’s soft toy. “I bought a fashionable cat Basik” – quoted by Anton Woman’s Day.