Alexander Nosik filed for divorce from his wife

Александр Носик подал на развод с женой The actor and his wife finally decided to leave. As it became known to journalists, Alexander and Olga made a statement about divorce in one of registry offices of Moscow. Earlier, the singer confirmed his affair with a former member of the group “Tutsi” Anastasia kranovoj.
Александр Носик подал на развод с женой

In the spring of this year in the media appeared information that the 45-year-old married actor Alexander Nosik is Dating 33-year-old Anastasia kranovoj, a former member of the group “Tutsi”. Couple caught in the lens of photographers, and after a while their relationship dedicated edition of the program “Let them talk”. Recently it became known that the artist decided to put an end to the marriage with Olga. On Tuesday, July 18, the couple filed for divorce.

A correspondent turned out to be a copy of the notice of acceptance of the application of Alexander and Olga. According to journalists, in the Tver registry office appeared both husband and wife.

Earlier in the broadcast to speak with the actor said that his relationship with his ex-participant of “factory of stars” began after breaking up with his wife. “I’m up to the last moment try not to stand to hide your personal life”, – with these words, the man explained why he chose not to advertise the novel with Anastasia kranovoj.

Александр Носик подал на развод с женой

In the Studio of the Spout is made clear that in the future is going to divorce his wife. In turn, the artist’s wife Olga said that we need to be able to disperse without unnecessary scandals. She also noted that her husband has the right to happiness in his personal life.

Alexander Nosik told the guest about the marriage with the new girl

Александр Носик подал на развод с женой“We’ve approached the point of divergence, it must have lasted several years. We realized at some point have to break up… It wasn’t that Sasha was gone and I was left in misery. Yes, I was mad at Sasha, we were constantly on the move, on the phone. Then I realized that we should not be angry, but to understand what is happening,” explained the woman.

We will add that during the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” Anastasiya Kraynova talked about how she held her first meeting with Alexander Nosik. According to the singer, they were introduced by a mutual colleague. The artist also said that he tries as often as possible to spend time with the second half. “I love going to the movies, cozy restaurants. We have something to talk about – he is very smart and educated. Sometimes discussing a topic for hours, and can argue…” – shared Kraynova.

According to journalists, the divorce of the couple the Spout will take place very soon. As reported the marriage of Alexander and Olga will be terminated on 19 August in the presence of at least one of the spouses.