Осужденного за разбой колясочника Антона Мамаева выпустили из СИЗО The young man was allowed to go home. The lawyer said Mamaev Andrey Orlov, the measure of restraint changed to house arrest. Previously, the invalid was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment in colony of strict regime for the fact that along with an accomplice allegedly stole a scooter.
Осужденного за разбой колясочника Антона Мамаева выпустили из СИЗО

Wheelchair Anton Mamaev, sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for organizing an armed robbery and the theft of the scooter, left the walls of the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”. Some days the defendant was in the hospital at the prison, where he passed the examination. Conclusion of medical experts was sent to the court.

As said the representative of protection 28-year-old Mamayev, after studying the results of a medical examination of the accused Mamayev the decision was made that he cannot serve a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty as prescribed by law.

“The medical Commission found the presence of Mamayev diseases included in the list of serious illnesses preventing the detention of suspects or accused of crimes: children spinal muscular atrophy,” – said the lawyer Andrei Orlov.

In addition, the representative stated that his client will wait for the appeal. The sentence made Mamaev Timiryazevsky court has not yet entered into force. “My client was released the same judge who sent him into custody, and only after a glaring mistake was made public,” – said Andrew.

According to Orlov, Mamaev taken on a special car home. The defense will continue to achieve the acquittal of a person in a wheelchair in court.

Dealing with a convicted wheelchair users outraged the public. The situation was watched by the representatives of various organizations. Members of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow eve Markachev and Ivan Melnikov consider it a victory of humanity.

Осужденного за разбой колясочника Антона Мамаева выпустили из СИЗО“Anton would be in jail just died and he understood it perfectly, so that the judge, having made the decision to release him from custody, in fact, saved his life.Unfortunately, such “happy endings” in the Russian courts rarely occur is negligible. This situation should radically change and an example of a case Mamaev can serve as a good starting point for this,” said Markachev.

As stated by the mom, and the first thing he is going to marry. Earlier it was reported that he lives with a woman in a civil marriage and they have a daughter.

We will remind, the disabled held in jail for 19 days. For Mamaev looked out the convict from the hardware unit. As Orlov says, the defense will continue to seek justification for the disabled in the courts.

“Our task is to prove the groundlessness of the accusations,” said Andrew.

In turn, Serik Bilyalov, the court explained “RIA Novosti”, why the judge couldn’t sentence to assess whether it is possible to leave Mamayev in jail.

“In accordance with the rules approved by the RF government decree of 14 January 2011 on a medical examination … shall be persons against whom preventive measure in form of detention”, – said the press Secretary of the court Maria Prokhorycheva.

Recall that Anton Mamaev and its accompanying Basil was convicted of assaulting acquaintances, from whom they allegedly took away the motor scooter. Wheelchair, which weighs 18 pounds, refuses to plead guilty.