Звезда «Мажора» Карина Разумовская дала пощечину Прилучному
The actress said that forced her to do it.

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Karina Razumovsky, who played in the popular TV series “Major” police captain Vic Rodionov admitted that during the filming of adopted some traits of her character.

“Because I have this feature of the body: when
I have a few months to play a movie character, takes over his
features, and he begins to live in me, — said the actress. — Wiki I adopted juiced restraint and composure. Because
I am more sharp, explosive. I put out two things — lack of respect for
people and unprofessional attitude to work. Here I might lose
to Express what I think in a rigid form”.

One day from her and got the leading role in “Major” Paul Prilichnom.

“Remember Pasha was late
highly on the first test, says Carina. All he was waiting, waiting for… Him alone… When he came on
platform, so radiant and impressive, and we began to rehearse the scene of strife, I
gave it a resounding slap. Just after “public school,” he
a little manifest the illness star. One is? But literally I
in the eyes of the Pasha from this disease healed…”

Over time, the actors have established a very warm relationship.

“Pasha — wonderful, working
Mihajlovic and a great dad. When his wife Agatha was pregnant with a second
child, we all knew about it. Because Pasha was on the telephone. It
he is always in contact with the family. He takes care of them! When she was born
a little girl, we on behalf of our entire team gave them a pram
dreamed about Agatha. In short, Priluchny — family-oriented-family-oriented. That it
do not say, seeing it for the first time. We now have a very warm

Full interview with Karina Razumovskaya is available here.