Майли Сайрус поссорилась с женихом
Crying Miley was afraid that I’ll leave her.

Майли Сайрус поссорилась с женихом

Miley Cyrus


As a friend said Miley Cyrus, singer
depressed. The fact that she held
more than an unpleasant conversation with Liam Hemsworth, who the singer
is going to get married.

As it became known, the quarrel occurred because of
money. 24-year-old Miley, who plans in the foreseeable future to play with Liam
the wedding, decided, on the eve of important
the event, to prepare the text of the marriage contract. Although she is desperately in love with
pretty boy Hemsworth, Miley decided that it would be appropriate to agree on how
will be divided as in that case, if their marriage is something goes wrong.
After all, if the status of Cyrus, which very early beginning of his career, is estimated at
160 million dollars in the Bank account of Hemsworth, who became famous after
also, he starred in the franchise “the Hunger games” is 10 times less — only 16 million.

However, when Miley showed a draft marriage
contract his beloved, he suddenly became furious. As complained
the girlfriend singer, Liam had never allowed himself shouting at her… Apparently
Hemsworth embraced the desire Cyrus to contract as a sign of distrust
and the hint that he is after her money. The quarrel was so violent that Miley thought was that they are about to leave… fortunately, she still managed
to make peace with Liam.

Recall that Hemsworth and Cyrus met
in 2009, on the set of the movie “the Last song”. In 2012, they officially
got engaged, but just one year later, unexpectedly broke up. Last year a couple
reunited and got engaged again. As for their impending nuptials, it
it is expected in the near future and should be held, as claimed, in
Las Vegas.

Miley Cyrus with Liam Hemsworth