Блейк Лайвли снимется  в триллере от продюсера Джеймса Бонда
The actress will act in an unexpected role.

Блейк Лайвли снимется  в триллере от продюсера Джеймса Бонда

Blake Lively


Blake lively in first time back
on set after the birth of his youngest daughter, iness — from her husband
Ryan Reynolds, held in October last year. The actress has signed on
her role in The Rhitm Section,
for the creation of which has come from Barbara Broccoli Executive producer of James bond . Time to work on a new project
Barbara hopes to find in the pause already announced his next two films
about agent 007.

As for lively, it is going on
this time to speak in a rather unexpected role, more familiar to
Angelina Jolie or Sigourney weaver. 29-year-old Blake, who became popular after she starred in the TV series
“Gossip girl” and the movie “Age of Adaline” will have to try on the image of the killer-mstiteli.
We are talking about the main character of this movie — Stephanie
Patrick, who, after the death of his family discovers that all did not die in
a result of the accident and was killed. In the end, Stephanie swears to find
and destroy the perpetrators of the death of her loved ones…

The new movie will be shot at first
four books of the popular writer Mark Burnell (the other three are called Gemini, The Third Woman and Chametion ) on
the heroine, played lively. So it is quite possible that The Rhitm Section, in the case of successful
rental will be at least one or three of the sequel.

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds