Eugene papunaishvili revealed details of the wedding with foreigner

Евгений Папунаишвили раскрыл подробности свадьбы с иностранкой The choreographer plans a loud celebration with the beloved. Recently papunaishvili formalized the relationship with an Italian girl Salima. The man shared the first photos of the painting in the registry office and told about the impressions.

On Tuesday Yevgeny papunaishvili combined knot with sweetheart Salima. The couple has registered relations in one of the Moscow registry offices. The choreographer, no one was informed in advance that they plan to sign, although familiar pair waited eagerly for this moment. Papunaishvili made a proposal of marriage to his beloved in may this year during the break of a football match.

As told by the groom, they specifically did not tell everyone about the marriage, including parents. Eugene papunaishvili married the Italian

“For us it was a special day. We both came to the registry office and got married. Nobody knew nothing about it. Came my older brothers. Then we made a surprise. Went to my parents cottage, they suspected nothing, for them it was a huge gift. We had a fabulous time. And the celebration will be later. Want to do a wedding pre-invite family and friends. It will be the Italian-Georgian festival”, – said Eugene with “StarHit”.

For the occasion, the groom chose a classic suit and bright accents in the way the handkerchief in the breast pocket and a tie. Salim appeared in the doorway of the registry office in a white set with lace decoration and colored sandals. Wedding dress girl complemented the white jacket. “He saw it and was stunned,” signed one of the pictures papunaishvili.

Followers dancer admire their couple. “Good you guys are! I sincerely wish you: be happy”, “Wedding fashionista”, “May your happiness be endless!”, “I congratulate heartily! So much happiness and love in the photos!” – wrote on the page of Eugene.

Before the happy couple went on a honeymoon. Papunaishvili and his newly made wife chose a holiday in Greece on the island of Rhodes. “Absolute fun of it all! Stunning hotel”, – shared his impressions of the dancer, laying out snapshots with exotic dishes.

Recall that Eugene and Salem have met little more than a year before heading to the Registrar. For the sake of the beloved choreographer had to partially learn the Italian language, and his beloved master the difficult Russian words. The girl immediately liked Yevgeny’s parents, so they expected that the pair will soon formalize the relationship. Mom and dad papunaishvili long been asking him about their grandchildren.