Звезда «Дома-2» Наталья Варвина попала в больницу Ex-participant of the project was to have a surgery. The girl is very worried, because today is her anniversary of wedding with her husband Alex, and she will spend the day in the hospital. Subscribers microblog Natalia and wish her a speedy recovery.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Наталья Варвина попала в больницу

      One of the most famous ex-participants of the project “Dom-2” Varvina Natalia and her husband, the General producer of this reality show, Alexei Mikhailovsky celebrated three years since that solemn day, when they were married in the Church. However the girl can not be with the chosen one, as she is in the hospital. This news Vallina announced to subscribers to his microblog.

      “Today is our day! Three years since we got engaged! It was an amazing day, he will forever remain in my memory. It is a pity that today we can’t celebrate our holiday. I am in the hospital. But nothing, as soon as you come to, all make up, Yes, my love? I love you – you’re my mate” – written by Natalia about photos from the wedding ceremony.
      Звезда «Дома-2» Наталья Варвина попала в больницу

      The news of the hospitalization of former contestants of the reality show is not a joke alarmed her friends and admirers. Excited followers began to ask Natalia what had happened to her. The girl reassured subscribers microblog: nothing serious hasn’t happened to her. Varvina went to the Department of phoniatrics of the Federal NFPs otorhinolaryngology to do surgery on the nose. According to her, surgical intervention is necessary due to health problems. Some fans suggested that the former participant “Houses-2” will remove the adenoids. The subscribers wish Natalia a speedy recovery and happy anniversary.

      “Many happy years I wish your lovely family!”, “Natalia, Alex! Happy holidays to you! Love each other and show everyone an example of family happiness!”, “Take care of each other. You are a good girl, nice to look at your relationship in a warm, clean feeling without a PR”, – such comments leave fans of the stars of the reality show.

      We will remind that Natalia Varvina is considered to be the record for length of stay on the project “Dom-2”. The girl who came from the city of Volzhskiy to look for love, four years I tried to find on the set mate. The case brought Vallino and Alexei Mikhailovsky, the General producer of the reality show “Dom-2”. The lovers are secretly married, and were married in 2013. Natalia and Alex noted the occasion in a chic Moscow restaurant “Turandot”. Lucky ticket: how ex-participants “Houses-2” manages to successfully marry

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