Анастасия Меськова учит сына словам любви One of the main roles in the TV series “Sweet life” played Anastasia Meskova. Her character Julia – a spoiled girl from a wealthy Armenian family that has no children. In real life the actress has a son Vasya. She told how he taught him to Express emotions.

      Анастасия Меськова учит сына словам любви

      Actress Anastasia Meskova reappeared in the third season of the series “Sweet life”, which premiered on the TNT channel. In the film she plays a prosperous Armenian girl Julia. According to the actress, she agreed to participate in this project because of the situation in the show is true to life, and the characters are real personalities.

      In ordinary life she is a loving mother and wife. Meskova has a 11-year-old son Basil. Very soon her family will have another child from the beloved wife of Alexander. The star of “the Sweet life” Anastasia Meskova is expecting a child

      The actress believes that children should be brought up in love, and so always tries to pay enough attention to his son. Followers of the social children always note that the child is very similar to his famous mother. The boy is already out Anastasia at social events where it attracts everyone’s attention.

      “For my son and used to give each other tenderness and love. Even when my husband and I come behind him in school, he runs to us with all his hugging. The other children with great interest watching this, because their parents old memory too often behave cold. Such asked: “You love your child?”. They answer: “Sure, he’s well-fed, well-dressed, learns”. And everything,” said Meskova.

      Анастасия Меськова учит сына словам любви

      According to the actress, the son got on very well with her husband Alexander and even calls him dad. Anastasia met her lover about two years ago. First, he and Alexander were just friends, but then I realized that can’t live without each other.

      At the moment the couple are together engaged in the education Vasey. Meskova already see what abilities are better developed in the son. According to the actress, inclination to dance, the boy is not, therefore, in ballet he should not go. However, the child is talented in many ways. “Bob is very artistic, great reads poetry. Therefore, do not exclude the possibility that the son will choose an acting profession. He is still undecided and changes their preferences all year round. Bob wanted to be a fireman, astronaut, policeman, doctor… Now he likes fencing, so next year, we will begin to deal with them. We also delve into the study of foreign languages — English and German”, – told Anastasia about the interests of her son.

      During the second pregnancy, the actress at one time suffered from serious morning sickness. However, despite all the difficulties that accompany the interesting position of the actress, she enjoys a period of waiting for a baby and is looking forward to his birth. According to star, she dreams of a big family.

      “I love being a mom. As a child I dreamed about three children, and what will you view. Happy to think about how to grow our family, I want to own a home. And more. Motherhood is mine. At least, together with johnny I wasn’t tired. I didn’t have: “Oh, I all night don’t sleep, what a nightmare, we have the teeth, then something else… Children — it’s a disaster”. Sometimes I meet these mothers, and it is strange to hear such a speech”, – frankly said in an interview Meskova Woman.ru.

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