Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис “StarHit” find out who among the representatives of show-business has become more lean. Many circumstances are forced to reconsider their requests and living conditions. In a difficult period for artists and their families find ways to properly manage the budget to later in no need.

      Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис

      In the crisis period, when decreased revenues, many stars refused to luxury and in part revised its Outlook on some things that do affect their material well-being. Someone new looks to their wardrobe, while others took advantage of the provisions of benefits, and the third one began to tightly control expenditure in the family budget, trying to delay the savings for a future major purchase. “StarHit” find out which of the stars is different frugality, dealing with money and what saves.

      Julia Alibekova

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has decided to abandon the unnecessary spending in favor of saving money for something big: “I Have a husband and two children, so waste of money I go with the mind”. So now a young family trying to live your life modestly enough to be able to defer.

      Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис“I am surprised by the people who constantly order food or buy too much food — more than they can eat, – said Julia. – I always prepare myself, and if you want delicacies, you can go to a cafe or restaurant, to unburden the heart”.

      The same attitude to money of the spouse to inculcate in the children, trying to explain that all we need to appreciate that they don’t grow up spoiled. So, the boys already know that if dad can’t take them somewhere by car, they will go with my mother on the subway. However, there are a couple of points that Julia Alibekova not save plans: the appearance and health. And I never save on gifts, – admitted eks-the participant “Houses-2″. – Sometimes without a ready action to buy the children gifts, but Tigran stops me”.

      Sofia Rotaru

      Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис

      The singer Sofia Rotaru has to protect every penny of income has decreased significantly, and the cost of “communal” and other mandatory needs, remained nearly unchanged. As told in last year sister Sophia Mikhailovna Lydia chlabicz in an interview with reporters, because of the situation in Ukraine, Rotaru almost no performances, corporate events are rare, but in Russia it do not want to go. Therefore, people’s artist of the USSR have to cut spending.

      Sofia Rotaru lives in austerity

      “Yes, life has become harder, she is counting money. Moreover, earlier people with the title “Hero of Ukraine” were exempted from the payment of utility bills, and now pay like everyone else.”

      Does not pay much and the hotel business in Yalta — no tourists, and those that have, people that aren’t wealthy. Engaged in hotel son Rotaru Ruslan with his wife Svetlana, herself a 68-year-old singer in these matters do not interfere. By the way, while sister Rotaru together, they just do not disappear, because as admitted by glebich: “We already at such age that only help each other, I think that everyone was all right.”


      Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис

      The crisis has also affected the possibilities of Denis Maidanov. “We did not go to warm countries — the Maldives, Bali, – said the singer “StarHit” on the eve of its 40th anniversary. – And was interrupted at the time of repair. I wanted an addition – deferred. The fact is that all we earned was invested in the house. In addition, Natasha’s parents were transported from Vyazma to Moscow. A apartment in Vyazma gave Donbass relatives. My uncle from the Lugansk region. When there began to explode the mines, I asked them to run while all are alive.”

      Denis Maidan: “We quickly explained to the daughter that the fingers do not need to bend!”

      However, if necessary, to bring the house in order Dennis will be able on their own, because, according to him, than he for his life only was not engaged in: collecting furniture, repaired toilets, wings, roof, washed the car… And seven year old daughter brings up as well: “However, after the grandmother character she was limping, of course. My wife quickly explained to her that it is not necessary to bend fingers. Now the daughter knows everything: dust wipe, and the dishes can wash and mom to cook to learn.”

      Ivan Okhlobystin

      Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис

      The family of the stars “Interns” to money and used to be treated with care, and now God himself commanded. To not get put off — too big family: Ivan and his wife Oksana have six children. And all need help to get to his feet. The management of the economy, the breaking down of benefits, organization of children’s education is Oksana. Thanks to her efforts their children came school.

      “Large mother for home schooling get the money from the state. A dozen of the parents chipped in money and invested in the school, said in an interview with “StarHit” Ivan Okhlobystin. Is a very cool, parents wish adequate teachers recruited, and the children look closely trusted people”.

      In addition, the spouse of a celebrity wrote the application and now, as a mother of many children, is entitled to free Parking all over Moscow. And this is a significant savings of the family budget.


      Деньгам - счет: на чем вынуждены экономить звезды в кризис

      Actress and MP very sparingly refers to the selection of outfits in her wardrobe. As we already wrote, on September 1 of last year Maria Kozhevnikova appeared before the students, fulfilling their parliamentary duties, in the bright colors Vasilkovo suit — pants and a loose top. At the time this kit helped Mary to hide her second pregnancy fans learned about the upcoming addition only shortly before birth. But now the actress is not in position. Apparently affect common sense and love for savings.

      It should be noted that during the first and during second pregnancy Kozhevnikova extremely conservative attitude to their own wardrobe. She bought only a few things and successfully combined them with each other, refreshing the style with accessories.

      Maria Kravchenko

      Star Comedy Woman Maria Kravchenko in material matters have come to rely only on themselves. Therefore, it is with great difficulty managed to “sit” pregnancy — her income has stopped, and to ask my husband every time it was humiliating. According to the actress, she knows how to count money and knows the value of work.

      “I know how to count money, save, – Maria told reporters. – Every year I get a new calendar, which clearly is the income and expenditure of funds. And they are considerable: today, for example, we build the cottage, and flying off on vacation abroad, I arrange a Grand shopping. But at the end of the year be sure to consider how much earned for the year, and draw conclusions”.

      By the way, according to experts, a permanent record of income and expenses is a very good way to establish a reasonable, economical housekeeping. However, Mary in expenditure there is an additional row, whose budget could increase significantly by reducing the personal needs of stars — care of little Victoria.

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