Анна Михайловская и ее супруг впервые взяли сына на отдых The actress has flown off on holiday to Cyprus together with her husband Timothy Karataev and young son. Star of theatre and cinema shares with followers in the social network bright shots from the trip. Particular attention of admirers of Anna drew a photo of the whole family by the pool.

      Анна Михайловская и ее супруг впервые взяли сына на отдых

      Actress Anna Mikhailovskaya prefers not to advertise the events of his personal life. However, the star is so impressed with the scenery of Cyprus, where she recently arrived with her husband Timothy and son Karataeva Miroslav that she couldn’t resist and showed the beauty surrounding her to their subscribers.

      Anna and her husband have not previously traveled abroad with the heir. The boy will soon be a year. Star of TV series “Junior”, “Mannequin” is trying not to show the baby’s face, so even on the frame by the pool which delighted the followers of St. Michael’s, mom, dad and son sitting with his back to the photographer.

      “What you pretty!”, “Very beautiful couple. More happiness to them!”, “Wonderful family”, “Lovely holiday!”, – leave nice comments friends and fans of the actress.

      Анна Михайловская и ее супруг впервые взяли сына на отдых

      The photographs, which showed Mikhaylovskaya, you can see that a young mother in great shape. After the birth of her son, the actress is literally in a month has returned to work, as she waited for shooting the third season of the series “Junior”. Before the birth of Miroslav Anna told reporters that he would be able to arrange your schedule so that to combine motherhood and work.

      Mikhaylovskaya long concealed her pregnancy. “In addition to their loved ones to share this joy I’m with anyone or not, I have that right! No details will not tell, I hope the fans will understand me and will not be offended”, – said the actress. Spouse stars Timothy also chose not to discuss the upcoming addition to the family, obyasniv that pregnancy for Anna is a very private moment.

      Recall that Karataev and Michael met at a casting call. They began Dating in August 2012. According to Anna, the relationship with Timothy developed gradually, the New year they met together. Some time later, on a flight to Minsk, Karatayev proposed to his beloved in the hall of the airport “Sheremetyevo”. A year later, they played a beautiful wedding and had an unforgettable honeymoon in Italy. Anna Mikhailovskaya got to the wedding site on the moon

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