Похудевшая Алина Кабаева произвела фурор на фестивале Olympic champion appeared at the opening of the festival of children’s artistic gymnastics, named in her honor. Alina Kabaeva radiantly smiled to the participants. Guests present at the party said that the ex-gymnast lost weight and looks great.

      Похудевшая Алина Кабаева произвела фурор на фестивале

      On the eve of the Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva appeared at the opening of the children’s festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina”. It’s a charity event, all the tickets were distributed free of charge. Guests of the festival could not fail to note that Kabaeva’s very thin and literally glowed with happiness.

      The former participant of the Olympic games came to the event in a simple black suit adorned with rhinestones. Radiant smile never left his face Kabaeva, while she talked with budding gymnasts and their parents and took pictures with other guests of the festival.

      “It’s incredible! Emotions are running high our children who performed!”, “The kids are happy!” – such grateful comments leave parents of girls who performed their numbers on stage. Vseobshee attention of the younger generation caused the appearance of Dima Bilan on the event were. At the festival, Grigory Leps, Valery and Nadezhda Babkina, group “A-Studio”.

      Похудевшая Алина Кабаева произвела фурор на фестивале

      The children’s festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina” was held for the eighth time. This year its theme – “Women of Russia”. In the event venues will include acrobats, dance groups and guests from different countries.

      “But it is not only about it but also about friendship, about how important it is to find the right person in life that is the peak that you climb – not just your top, and those people that are close to you who supports… One is a warrior!”, – said Alina Kabaeva.

      By the way, the event organization was engaged in Charitable Fund of Alina Kabaeva, which helps kids and families with many children. For example, in 2014, thanks to Alina, the woman Oksana Ryzhkova has received a large three-story house. Her large family lived in the area in 27 square meters. The unknown side of the life of Alina Kabaeva revealed the mother of many children

      This year the funds allocated Kabaeva, saved the life of a son of the spouses Stetsenko from Rostov-on-don. They received 1.1 million rubles and were able to continue treatment of the child, which the doctors discovered the terrible disease – cancer in both eyes.

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