Звезда «Дома-2» Марина Мексика изменяла сразу двум мужчинам “StarHit” decided to unravel the tangle of love relationships the controversial ex-member of the main telestroke. As it turned out, at the time when she built relationships on the project, she simultaneously had Affairs with other men.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Марина Мексика изменяла сразу двум мужчинам

      Most recently, on the screens of channel TNT, the audience watched the development of events in the show “love Island”, where on the shores of the Indian ocean tried to build love 21-summer Marina Mexico and 32-year-old “old man” of the project Alexander Zadoinov. Fans of this bright pair closely followed their relationship and waited for happy to continue a romantic history. But, leaving the expanse of the island, the boys dispersed. One of the reasons for the breakup, think of infidelity on the part of Mexico.

      Mexico on Zagainova: “the more we fought, the more I pulled for him”

      The Network got candid correspondence with the leading girls of the second season of Nikita Kuznetsov. As told to “StarHit” the man, the sultry girl has made it a strong impression.

      “I came to open the second season on the island, and then there were girls, Mexico. Between the two of us hit it off right away” – says Nikita. Therefore, when arriving in the capital of the Marina, switched to a new passion. “We continued talking and I realized that I really like,” continues Nikita Kuznetsov.

      Some time later, everyone was waiting for the return of girls to the island, however in addition to hassles and constant scandals between Mexico and Nikita viewers saw nothing. But as we found out the “StarHit”, it’s scandalous the participants was the relationship and outside the perimeter. In parallel, the Marina had an affair with 24-year-old businessman Maxim by Golovanovym.

      As it turned out, the young man met with Mexico this summer on one of the secular parties. Pretty soon they realized that they would like to carry out with each other more time, and so began to go on walks together.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Марина Мексика изменяла сразу двум мужчинам

      By the way, the Marina project came only on 7 September, shortly after meeting with Maxim. As it turned out, the guy is no problem. “She knows how to attract the views of men, – says Maxim. – We were always in touch: she sent their photos from the project, and I told her from the gym. Seen, though rarely. Now I can communicate more often” – with a smile said Golovin.

      It is interesting that recently a few noticed at the wedding of Alexander Linden and Aleksandra Kabaeva. The whole evening they spent at the same table, dance, have fun and leave each other. After a long embrace gave way to passionate kisses in a secluded place.