Максим Матвеев мог стать звездой фильмов для взрослых The actor shared the most interesting facts from his life. Some of them did not even know family and colleagues. However, the artist did not care, and he relaxed to share details of the past. According to celebrity, he was offered to star in erotic films.

      Maxim Matveev is one of the most demanded actors of the Russian cinema. But the man is positioning himself as an actor of the big screen. Star spends a lot of time on the stage, rehearsing one role after another. Creative way celebrity was quite entertaining. When he was in Saratov, he has received offers to star in adult films.

      Mikhail Boyarsky stood up for his son Maksim Matveev

      “I was offered to do porn when I was a student in Saratov”, – said the artist.

      Matveyev did not elaborate the details of the case when it was considered as an actor not a movie, of which he had dreamed. However, this could in some degree to flatter the ego of the student and give more confidence. Maxim has repeatedly said in various interviews that believing in yourself helps you move on and don’t stop there.

      It is noteworthy that the actor was offered a part in adult films, and commercials. Matveev said that was to become the face of a coffee company. It specially invited to Moscow and appointed a day of filming when the artist planned a performance in his native Saratov. As a result, the man refused a good fee and commercial of glory and returned to the theater.

      The celebrity said that he likes to spend time alone with him. “I like being alone, I always have something to do. And when I’m alone, I like to dance,” admitted the actor. Recall that the actor for six years, married to Elizaveta Boyarskaya and they both have a son Andrew, but this does not prevent a man to spend some time on himself, although he doesn’t always manage to do something really interesting for him. For example, Matveev long been planning to learn to play the guitar. “Learn how to play – a childhood dream. But hands do not reach. Stand and motivate me! I’m sure all will be!” – said Maxim Matveyev in an interview with Hello.