Дима Билан признался в любви к Яне Рудковской
The singer openly spoke about his feelings to the producer.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Photo: @bilanofficial Instagram Dima Bilan

Yana Rudkovskaya celebrates birthday — she turned 42. Colleagues and relatives of Jana during the day, wrote a huge number of wishes and congratulations in her address. Rudkovskaya has received messages on social networks from Xenia Sobchak, Tina Kandelaki, Aurora, Valeria and many others. But the champion among them was ward Yana Rudkovskaya Dima Bilan, dedicated incredibly touching congratulation to Yana.

“Yana, honey! That’s the holiday when you get a well-deserved rays of goodness and appreciation for this you! Remember how we started to surf with you the vastness of our music. industry and understand how I was not mistaken in you, and even more, acquired profound friend, partner and, quite literally a relative, who in sorrow and in joy! I love you very much and worried if something wrong! — wrote Dima. — Take care of yourself, please! You high-class professional, always seeking to understand everything thoroughly and that’s your strength! Happily continue to be surprised and to make discoveries, to be happy! You are an exceptional person, no, no, no! Like Ancic! Thanks for the inspiration!”

Your birthday Yana met in Saint-Petersburg, where today there were two shows of “the Nutcracker”, the protagonists of which are husband — Yana figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and their son Alexander. Despite his young age the boy is not only performs in ice shows, but also builds a successful career as a model.