Бенедикт Камбербэтч оказался родственником Конан Дойля
The actor almost lost his famous role because of … his nose!

Benedict Cumberbatch


As shown by the latest
the study of historians specializing in genealogy, the leading
role in the cult TV series “Sherlock” I found a very unexpected relationship. 40-year-old
Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Holmes, was linked by blood to the Creator
books about the famous detective! This was first reported by the news Agency Fox

Benedict and sir Arthur
Conan Doyle showed a common ancestor, and very gentle. It appeared to be
who lived in the 17th century John Gonski the Duke of Lancaster, fourth son of the king
Edward III. Benedict, this aristocrat has an ancestor that has been removed from him 17
generations. So Cumberbatch is necessary relative it is not only famous
the writer of the Royal dynasty.

Recently, on the eve of the premiere
the new, fourth season of “Sherlock” Benedict admitted how proud he is incredible
the success of the series, in which he was able to do it. But he could not play
this role! One of the writers of the project —
Mark Gatiss said that producers initially were determined
against the candidacy of Cumberbatch. The creators of the series stated that the appearance of an actor
not sexy enough for them conceived of the hero. But most of them somehow
not satisfied with the shape of the nose of Benedict. But as soon as the tests starts, and Cumberbatch
said his first remarks, they immediately forget about all your doubts,
including ill-fated actor’s nose.