Alena Khmelnitskaya photo done in the style Volochkova

Алёна Хмельницкая сделала фото в стиле Волочковой
The actress impressed fans with his physical abilities.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Photo: @alxmel Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

Alena Khmelnitskaya carefully watching their figure and can’t afford to relax even on Christmas vacation. The artist has published in the microblog that stunned her fans. Rising out of the festive table, 45-year-old Alena with effortless ease… sat on the twine! Most fans Khmelnytskyi was pleasantly surprised by this stunning physical form of the artist. “Class! Just bomb, not a photo!”, “You know you didn’t!”, “Wow, what a string!” — I wrote to subscribers Alena.

To maintain flexibility and slender actress some time ago immersed himself in yoga and now cannot imagine a day without practice. “Found instructor that can come to my house. Just at some point I got tired to travel more time than it takes Sam a lesson. Well, imagine standing in traffic jams two hours late, a sweaty mess running in the hall and slowly sit down in some difficult posture to breathe properly… I just laugh dismantled from the absurdity of the situation. Felt like a heroine of some crazy Comedy — said Alena. — So now I’m practicing at home, and I feel good. Everything began to stretch and rise back does not hurt. I have at home is a treadmill where I fast walk at least an hour two or three times a week. By the way, in front of the path I deliberately put the TV. Just watch TV or just walk on the track I don’t like — it seems that time goes in vain. Another thing, when these two classes are combined — then it makes sense!”

Recall that in 2010, Khmelnytsky became a second time mom. She had a daughter Ksenia. Alain did not hide that during the last pregnancy strongly recovered: she gained about 18 pounds. However, the extra weight of the actress “took” almost immediately after birth.