Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov gave the children an adventure in the mountains

Ксения Бородина и Курбан Омаров устроили детям приключение в горах Leading “House-2” decided to celebrate the holidays with the closest in the South of Russia. Celebrity couple went to the popular resort of Rosa Khutor to explore the snow-covered peaks. Apparently, the heiress celebrities are happy to spend the holidays that way.

      Ksenia Borodina together with her husband Kurban Omarov, heirs, Marusia, Theon and Omar went to Sochi to spend this year’s first holiday. The family decided to stand on skis and ride snowboards. Nobody deny myself the pleasure to entertain. The eldest daughter Borodina Marusya, judging by the photos and video, is pleased that can ride in the mountains, despite the lack of experience. It is unknown whether little Theon to ride with their parents on the snow-covered slopes. Anyway, people in social networks during the rise of the funicular confirm that the children are happy what is happening.

      Ksenia Borodina came off with her husband on vacation

      I must say that Xenia are more like holiday in the sun. The star does not deny that active rest is useful. Moreover, the successor to teledive clearly pleased that spend their holidays not at the seaside, where he likes to be Borodin. The woman admitted in microblogging, love to spend time under the scorching sun by the ocean.

      “Well, I want to tell you that on the beach, of course, is easier, therefore I adore the sea, ocean. The mountain is beautiful, but hard! All of this put on is an achievement, to get to the top, defend the queues, take the skis and snowboards, to take the shoes, stand in another line to go up and down for two minutes. Where’s my white sand and the sound of the ocean?” – said Xenia in the microblog.

      During the winter holidays Xenia embarrassed that she has a long time to assemble, but this holiday, according to the woman, it is very important to children. Borodin tries all the time to be near them to feel at ease and raslablenno. Commentators, upon seeing a photo of Marousi, immediately began to praise her for the courage and the desire at such an early age to learn to stand on skis. Someone wrote that for young children of the mountain is the best place of entertainment. The followers warned Borodin, she was careful to keep an eye on the heirs, because such a vacation a great risk to get all kinds of injuries.

      “Xenia, what’s your girl’s gorgeous!”, “Good boy, let him become on skis and run to mom and dad!”, “Properly done, that went, especially for our Russian resort. Much better than many foreign”, “You there carefully. Take care of kids! Happiness to you!” – posted by netizens.

      Many members were happy for the couple and their choice in favor of the Russian resort. Ksenia Borodina hard to get used to such rhythm, but she has no time to be sad. Borodin and lobsters are placed on their pages in social networks the most interesting shots from a family vacation.