The star of “House-2” had sex for money to save sick with cancer mother

Звезда «Дома-2» занималась сексом за деньги, чтобы спасти больную раком мать Nastya Kocherva told why she had to go for it. According to the girl, when her family needed help, elect Andrey sabarin turned away from her. So she entered into an intimate relationship with men who helped her financially.
Звезда «Дома-2» занималась сексом за деньги, чтобы спасти больную раком мать

Nastya Kocherva told why she had to go for it. 24-year-old participant of “House-2” right now meeting with him Sabrinam. Their relationship cannot be called peaceful, as they often swear. Many conflicts arise the couple for money. In particular, as recognized by Anastasia, her lover this has really pissed me off.

“I said he gave me nothing, we even spending on food was common. And Andrew actually gets a financial issue, because in the past his girl cheated, he allegedly insolvent goof. Now he is probably asserting itself at the expense of ordinary girls,” said a participant of telestroke.

However, even in the tragic situation which occurred in her family, Andrew also turned away from her.

“We’ve been in a relationship for about a month, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I needed to act quickly. Since he is the only man in my life to whom I could speak, I asked him for money. My father was difficulties, and we had no family to gather the sum. I approached him, asked for 30 thousand, but he refused. Said I was a cynical bitch, and I need only money. I poked him a piece of paper that surveys are expensive, and I just have no one to contact. Against this background, we quarreled, I made a mistake. I gold laid to save my life, but still not enough… And then my part was a betrayal twice I was with a man who helped me financially,” said Kocherva.

Whenever possible, Andrew blames the nasty deed. The girl then told him about sex with other men. “I confessed. Then I was told that the loan was lacking a bit in order to bring her mother’s operation and to send her home. He then gave me 100 thousand. Since I condemns and calls a prostitute. I’m a proud head do not go, but I have a living mother, and for me it is a gift from God. He condemned me, threatened to tell everyone in the team, I will crush and destroy” – said Nastya.

In an interview with the publication “Dom2life” she also admitted that such stress wanted to settle scores with life. “I was in the bathroom, turned off the phone and just sat there and never wanted to. Took some pills… At that moment I realized that I don’t need that for parents would be a complete shame if it got out. Jake Turchin I found really a miracle. Don’t understand how. He came with the guards, and I was in the bathroom for the disabled. He grabbed me, calmed me down. Thanks to him with me all right now”, – said Nastya.