Reese Witherspoon will once again be “legally blonde”

Риз Уизерспун снова станет «блондинкой в законе»
42-year-old actress is in no hurry to give way to the next generation.

Риз Уизерспун снова станет «блондинкой в законе»

Reese Witherspoon

Photo: Outnow

Fans of the franchise “legally Blonde”, the heroine of which was a graduate of the faculty of law
Harvard, Elle wood, learned the good news. As it became known,
the producers of the film Studio MGM
decided to shoot a third film about already loved the blonde.

Curiously, the main role will play again Reese Witherspoon. Actress,
which was just 25 when she starred in the first part of the franchise,
turned this year 42 years. And ill-wishers of the actress have already
to say that Reese was time to give similar roles to younger Actresses. However,
it is hoped that in the new movie there is a role for an already adult
daughter Witherspoon — ava. 18-year-old
beautiful Ava has become quite well-known: it was recognized as the star of the Ball
debutantes in Paris, made a successful debut on the podium and received several prestigious modeling contracts. Besides Ava
inherited my mother’s artistic talent.

Working on a new “legally Blonde” had just started. It is known that
the producers of the film will be Marc Platt and she Reese Witherspoon. The script again
write Kirsten Smith and Karen Mccullah, who were among the founders of the first
film. Who will be the Director of this movie, is still unknown. Creators
the new film I hope that they will be able to repeat the success of the first “Blonde”. After all
this movie, released in 2001 year, grossed 141 million
dollars with a budget of only 18 million.

Reese Witherspoon with daughter Ava