The star of “Game of thrones” in detail told about their engagement

Звезда «Игры престолов» подробно рассказал о своей помолвке
Happy bride showed her engagement ring.

Звезда «Игры престолов» подробно рассказал о своей помолвке

30-year-old rose Leslie has impressed passengers at London’s Heathrow airport. The rare beauty of the ring
an impressive diamond on her ring finger on her hand sparkled so brightly that not
notice it was simply impossible. Rose tried to hide it, on the contrary, proudly displayed the gift of his newly minted fiance — stars
the cult TV series “Game of thrones”, a 30-year-old Keith Harrington.

In fact, 30-year-old actor-known reluctance
to tell anything about his private life. But after in the end
September of this year he got engaged to longtime girlfriend rose Leslie, kit not
I managed to hold on and stepped away from the rules — and in a recent
interview told how he proposed to his beloved.

As he admitted, he began
to prepare for the engagement long before and thoroughly. Carefully chosen stone and
the design for the ring. Then he planned to cover every tree in the garden
bought them this summer in the East of England for nearly 2 million pounds, a lot
small light bulbs and incorporating them, in a festive atmosphere to take a knee.
But things did not go as he planned. “We went there for the weekend. Was just
an amazing night, we lit the garden in a big fire and watched the stars. Here
succumbing to the charms of this night, I suddenly
pulled from his pocket the ring box and asked her to be my wife. So all
my plans went out the window!” — said Harrington.

Звезда «Игры престолов» подробно рассказал о своей помолвке

Keith and Leslie put
engagement announcement in the London Times, which was a logical continuation of the novel, which began in 2012.
Later, however, the lovers parted ways for a while. But last year they
reconciled and since then did not leave.