Sylvester Stallone will shoot another sequel to “rocky”

Сильвестр Сталлоне снимет еще один сиквел «Рокки»
71-year-old wants to end the franchise his life.

Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone pleased
fans of movies about rocky Balboa. 71-year-old Stallone said that soon will begin work on a new project. Sylvester announced he will become a Director
and the producer of the film “creed – 2”. It will be a direct continuation of the movie
“Creed: Legacy Rocky”.

That Stallone wanted to continue this
the topic is not surprising. First of all, because it is rocky
helped at the time, Stallone to be the star.
And the story of this hero is very dear to Sylvester. And secondly, although the new movie will be the eighth film
the franchise of rocky, these stories are still enjoyed commercial success. So,
previous “creed…” has grossed 173 million, with a budget of 35
of millions of dollars.

As told by Sylvester, talking
in the new film, as in the previous one, will focus on a young boxer Adonis, the son of longtime friend and
opponent in the ring rocky — creed. Stallone hinted that viewers will
enjoy the unexpected plot twists. He also hinted that one of the
the climactic moments of the film will be the battle of the Adonis boxer Ivan Dargo,
once killed in combat in the ring of the father
the hero is Apollo. Will he Stallone uchastie in the project as an actor,
Sylvester said. As for the timing of the release of the new film,
viewers will be able to see him next year.