Звезда «Друзей» покидает Голливуд, чтобы удержать молодого жениха
The actress followed the wise advice of her friend Jennifer aniston.

Courteney Cox


52-year-old Courtney Cox,
once famous for its roil in the cult TV series “Friends”, made the difficult
a solution for you. She is going to relocate from US to UK to not
to lose your boyfriend — a 40-year-old rocker johnny Macadam.

The fact that
Courtney with her 12-year-old daughter, Coco (from the marriage with her ex-husband David
Arquette) lives in Los Angeles. And johnny most of the year holds
in London, where not only his house but also a recording Studio,
which it operates. Therefore, the Macadam has categorically refused to leave Britain, even for the sake of relationship with Courtney.

Because of the differences in
about the residency the couple have already broken up. It happened at the end
2015. Courtney, who started Dating johnny with 2013, a terrible
worried because of a breakup with his younger lover. But, fortunately,
later, she managed to reconcile with
Macadam. By March 2013, they are already back together. Moreover, shortly after
reunion, they announced their engagement.

However, I will agree on
where they live together, they until recently could not. A compromise had
go Courtney. And she did it for
the advice of her best friend — Jennifer aniston, which she once together
starred in “Friends”. Jennifer managed to convince Courtney that the only way
she will save your relationship with johnny from the collapse, which is inevitable otherwise