Анастасия Стоцкая раскрыла подробности своего «интересного положения»
The singer confirmed the pregnancy.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

Anastasia Stotskaya and shared good news with fans. The singer finally officially confirmed her pregnancy. In his microblog Anastasia wrote that will soon become a mother for the second time.

“Happiness a woman can’t hide forever… and Here soon comes my dog!” — shared Stotsky. In addition, she published a photo which has his hands on already noticeably rounded stomach. In February, the actress plans to take a maternity leave. Fans and colleagues congratulated the singer with the planned addition to the family.

Incidentally, the rumors that Anastasia is preparing for the arrival of the second child appeared already some time ago. But until now she preferred to hide their “interesting position” under clothing spacious style.

Recall that Stotsky is already a teenage son, Alexander, from her marriage with businessman Sergei. By the way, the artist decided to declassify her husband only five years after the birth of the boy. For the first time his wife, Anastasia, introduced in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the son, which took place last summer. Husband Stotsky far from the world of show business and doesn’t like unnecessary attention to his person. According to Stotsky, which is why it is so long hid him from the public.