Anastasia Stotskaya spoke openly about pregnancy

Анастасия Стоцкая открыто заговорила о беременности 34-year-old actress no longer hides an interesting situation. On the Facebook page she announced to fans that very soon will become a mother for the second time. Many subscribers knew that the actress is pregnant, but until today Stotsky tried to avoid questions on this topic.

      Anastasia Stotskaya become a mother. A few weeks ago “StarHit” first reported that the actress is pregnant. And all this time, fans are closely monitoring her account in Instagram and I look forward to another photos. For the release of the artist was rather shapeless dresses that hide the belly. Despite the fact that the pregnant star was already known, she tried not to advertise his position.

      Pregnant Stotsky ceased to hide rounded tummy

      On the last shot of the singer is noticeable that the figure of the artist has changed. Therefore, followers have been curious about Anastasia’s pregnancy. However, the celebrity could not long evade the questions of the members and hide the stomach with clothes. As soon as Stotsky shared the good news, netizens immediately began to congratulate her on the upcoming addition to the family.

      “Happiness a woman can’t hide forever. That soon will hatch my chick,” wrote the artist in the Network.

      The reaction of the fans was very predictable. “Congratulations, Nastas! Yes, the Lord help you to bear a healthy baby!”, “Cool! Congratulations, one more handsome or beautiful”, “Oh, how happy I am for you. I congratulate, a healthy pregnancy and easy birth,Nastya. You’re wonderful!” – left comments enthusiastic followers. Many also wondered who exactly is going to Stotsky. Some people think that she has a boy, but not everyone agrees with this point of view. She Stotsky has not yet declassified the sex of the baby.

      By the way, Anastasia is not going to cancel scheduled performances. She said that will be the last to participate in all performances scheduled in the next two months. According to her, the creative team was sympathetic to the situation.

      “Please hurry to the play 8, 9, 10 Feb. Perhaps this will be the last performances of this season that I will play. God willing, will play in March. The creative team of the show me’s too, so will look at its status and opportunities,” said Anastasia.

      We will remind, the singer is happily married to restaurateur Sergei. Together they are raising 5-year-old son Alexander. A boy grows up an exact copy of his father. Anastasia rarely shares family photos, as little as possible to attract the attention of the public. So she didn’t inform about her pregnancy, despite the fact that even close friends were women confirmed this fact. Anastasia Stotskaya dispelled the myths surrounding her husband