The star of “Food” has changed dramatically after the birth of second daughter

Звезда «Кухни» сильно изменилась после рождения второй дочки
A young mother put herself on a strict diet.

Elena Armin van Buuren and Ivan Urgant

Photo: @Instagram podkaminskaya_official Elena Armin van Buuren

Elena Armin van Buuren in August of this year became a mother for the second time. The actress gave birth to businessman another daughter who was named eve. Despite the fact that the actress quickly “turned” my maternity leave and returned to secular life, she is immersed in caring about the baby. With long hours of filming and appearances, Elena manages to keep breastfeeding. However, in order to feed a three-month eve, Armin van Buuren, like many young mothers, sitting on a strict diet. “I suffer, I want to eat everything, but I love my child!” — recently shared her Elena.

In addition to the altered diet, the actress notes major changes in your body associated with motherhood. “When you have the baby, eye drops. And with a head not very good, by the way. There may be problems with speech, memory, but during lactation it is normal, the woman is self-absorbed, child. But it has a lot of love, tenderness, joy, happiness. Yes, still want to sleep totally. Here I have picked and come to you!” — admitted Elena Ivan Urgant in the program “Relish”.

The eldest daughter — Pauline (marriage to Alexander Placeim) stars of the series “Kitchen” since pregnancy was preparing to the birth of younger sister. However, the appearance in the house of another baby inevitably provoked her jealousy. Pauline is often asked mom about someone she loves? Armin van Buuren is trying to pay attention to older daughter so she doesn’t feel “abandoned”.