Alla Pugacheva indulge in nostalgia for the younger years

Алла Пугачева предалась ностальгии по молодым годам The singer shared an unexpected collection of archival images. Alla Pugacheva gave the opportunity to his fans to return to the past. Prima Donna reminded everyone what it was in the days when he began his artistic career.

Alla Pugacheva recently conducts its own page in Instagram. Posts Divas are very popular among its loyal fans, invariably gaining a huge number of likes.

Was no exception and the latest publication of Alla. Little over an hour post singer put the “likes” more than sixty thousand people, and the comments under it left several hundred users. A selection of rare photographs could not be indifferent to the loyal fans of Alla Pugacheva, causing them acute attack of nostalgia for the time when still quite young singer only began to win the affection of the public.

“Quiet nostalgia for what may be only real when you’re happy”, “Nostalgia is incredible! I felt sad and want to cry”, “this archive is super simple, you’re beautiful. Unique! Part of our lives,” “my Mother you loved. Now I love”, “Incredibly. Alla, you are the best. Forever in our hearts. Thank you is that we have the opportunity to listen to you, watch your presentations on the Internet. It’s not just because you once said that your life is a great play – acting”, – share opinions commentators in microblog singer.

Gallery of archival images of Alla Pugacheva is accompanied by a beautiful bard’s song “a Walk in the forest” Boris Vahnyuk.

“I cannot forget this song around the campfire in the forest,” commented a selection of his rare photo of a Diva.

Probably, this song reminded Alla Borisovna about old events. It is known that in the mid 60-ies of the aspiring singer a month toured the Tyumen region with the concert crew from the radio station “Youth”. Then it was a common practice even for big name artists. From the “Youth” was made by Ian Frenkel, Igor shaferan, Alexandra Pahmutova Nikolay Dobronravov. In companies with Alla in Tyumen was the poet Diomede Kostyurin, journalists Maxim Cucurachi and Boris vahnyuk, which is also known as the bard.

“Up to the ship malyavochka, – said Boris Savelievich in an interview about his first meeting with Alla Pugacheva. – Thin, cropped like a boy’s. Red hair. All konopasek – from top to bottom. Konopaske over the collar of her blouse run up from under the skirt pop up… Sings a thin, charming voice. Taiga people like. Applaud”.

Becoming famous, Alla Borisovna has included in its repertoire several songs of Boris Vahnyuk.