Звезда «Амели» Матье Кассовиц живет двойной жизнью The famous French actor became a spy. Channel viewers will be able to rate one of his best roles on television. In Russia begins showing the series of dramatic film “Office”, telling about the everyday life of spies.

      Звезда «Амели» Матье Кассовиц живет двойной жизнью

      On the First channel starts the show of the French TV series “the Office”, telling about the everyday life of a special unit of French intelligence. Its employees engaged in the training of agents to missions in different cities around the world, inventing a new identity for them.

      One of the spies who worked for six years in Syria, returned, but faces challenges. Malhotra difficult to start life as an ordinary person. It turns out that his house is not expected – the wife and daughter of men managed to kick the habit. However, Malhotra and he distanced himself from them: in another country, he had an affair with a law Nadia. The agent cannot forget, and therefore not in a hurry to go to the Office to say goodbye to a fictional person.

      Viewers serial movie, the show which starts on January 16 on the First channel, expect spy intrigues and a lot of intricate plot twists. It should be noted that in the homeland series has been praised by critics, who called it the best in its genre.

      Another good reason to explore the French TV show is a famous actor Mathieu Kassovitz, who rarely agrees to play in the series. The star of the films “Amelie” and “Munich” also known as a film Director, many Russian viewers remember his works such as “Gothika” with Halle berry and “Crimson rivers” with Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel. In 2015, the movie received a “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival. Then the jury of the prestigious competition praised his picture of “Hate.”

      “Malotra has its own ethics and personal ethics are sometimes in conflict with professional responsibilities. What you need to do for the state, not quite the same as what you need for personal happiness. So you are in a mousetrap: lied once, you have to lie for ever,” said Mathieu Kassovitz about the character of the “Bureau” in an interview.

      Western viewers get to compare the “Office” with another popular serial film about spies – “Homeland”. Show Showtime goes on the screens in 2011. By the way, not so long ago the show began the sixth season of the drama involving Claire Danes and Rupert Friend.