Егор Кончаловский и Любовь Толкалина расстались после 20 лет брака

Family life the famous Russian Director Yegor Konchalovsky and actress Love Tolkalina was not straightforward, however, nobody thought that civil spouses who have been married for twenty years. Unpleasant news reported the actress earlier this month on his page on the social network Facebook.

“And very secret, and most importantly — finally only after separating from her husband I learned how to be friends with him..” — said Tolkalina, summing up last year.
When it broke up Love and Egor, remains a mystery, as the unknown remains and the reason for their rasstavaniya. Judging by the friendly greetings of the now ex-wife happy birthday, the actress and Director parted on good notes.
“Yesterday today was tomorrow….Meanwhile, the Birth of Egor!!! Let the heart warm and the sun, and apricots and almonds in bloom! I kiss and hug and eighty times a hundred, but only stronger! And despite all the love for art, I love him less than you. Friends and all concerned ,are requested to send greetings here..” — wrote in his microblog Tolkalina, congratulating ex-husband’s birthday.
Recall that to live with Tokalina and Konchalovsky began in 1996, in 2001 was born their only daughter Mary. Twenty years to the Registrar’s office, the pair did not come.