Эмбер Херд нашла утешение в объятиях миллиардера The ex-wife of johnny Depp quickly found a replacement. About a possible affair actress amber heard and renowned businessman Elon musk was rumored last summer. Now environment artist says that she’s crazy about her new boyfriend.

      Still does not subside the scandal of the divorce of johnny Depp and amber heard. In may last year, the actress said that domestic violence and demonstrated to the world the bruises and beatings on his body. Apparently, after a divorce, a young woman lost faith in these men and is now preparing to announce a new novel. Rumor has it that a chosen one 30-year-old star became a millionaire Elon Musk.

      Scandalous divorce johnny Depp and amber heard: what really triggered it

      “Before Christmas she told my friends that happy near Elon. They often plan to spend time together. This is a new Chapter of life for both of them, and very exciting,” – said a source close to the couple.

      About the affair heard and Mask it was rumored back in July. Some witnesses claimed that amber and Elon often partied in a Bungalow in Miami, and also had dinner together in Los Angeles, despite the fact that at that time the man was legally married to his wife, British actress Talulah Riley. In October 2016, they divorced after six years of relationship. For the sake of happiness with English artist Elon left his first wife who gave him five sons.

      Elon Musk is a well – known engineer and entrepreneur. He founded companies such as Space.X, which produces space technology, and X.com – the system of electronic money transfers. He now heads the Board of Directors of Tesla Motors. According to some reports, his fortune is estimated at nearly $ 11 billion.

      Parting amber heard and Depp’s Donnie was in the public domain. This topic is not on the lips of the public throughout the divorce process. In the end, the actress sued his former wife of seven million dollars, which, according to her, was going to give to charity. Despite the fact that the marriage crashed barely a year after a gorgeous wedding, they thanked each other for the time when they were happy together.

      “The relationship of johnny and amber were solid never-ending drama. They can find a common language. They had a lot of problems long before the wedding, so they simply shouldn’t marry. They’re just not compatible”, – explained the reason for the divorce a familiar pair.

      Now, according to the Mirror, amber tries to find solace in the arms of Ilona, leaving behind a messy divorce.