Бывший бойфренд Ольги Бузовой попытался унизить ее в эфире Ex-reality show participant spoke about the relationship with the girl. In the show “Open MIC” on the TNT channel Roman Tretyakov presented the room in which he remembered the details of his romance with Olga Buzova.

      Бывший бойфренд Ольги Бузовой попытался унизить ее в эфире

      One of the participants of the new season of the show “Open MIC” was Roman Tretyakov. A former participant of the project “Dom-2” does stand-up about five years. The man passed the auditions in order to try to get into the main part of the show Stand Up on TNT.

      As soon as the Tretyakov were on the scene, he decided to show the audience and the jury all his talent. Part of the jokes from the program of the party was dedicated to “House-2”, the novel with Olga Buzova and life after reality TV. Many followers Tretyakov often stated that he is again to try his luck with her. According to them, the girl changed a lot and became even more successful. The novel is not yet pondered this development.

      “It’s hard to talk about Buzova and about the relationship with her. People feel it, come to me and say, “Here, look what she became well done! Television show leads in series is removed, and your own clothing line! That’s where she and where are you? Doesn’t hurt that you abandoned?” It’s a shame that the man who the entire country is associated with stupidity, orbital me!” – said Tretyakov in his room.

      This statement the novel hinted that his former girlfriend does not have high intellectual abilities. These words ex-boyfriend negatively perceived by fans of Olga, who believe that Tretyakov had made little progress after leaving the television project. Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

      Subscribers of the Novel note that some of the humorous numbers really get ridiculous. The man himself believes that participation in the show Stand Up to help him change the image created on telestroke. “My aim in this project is to break the stereotype, break the attitude of a man who was in a reality show and nothing more is achieved,” said Roman.

      Full number Tretyakov viewers will be able to watch the TV channel TNT at 22:00 on January 27.