Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают» The singer told “StarHit” about what he has learned after his brother’s death, why go away from home and how fighting depression. Stas Mikhailov frankly told about how it interferes with pride that he thinks about the attacks of haters and why should you follow a special diet.

      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»

      With Stas we met at his restaurant “the Communal flat” in St Petersburg over a Cup of tea with raspberry jam, which the chefs prepare family recipe Mikhailov. Traditionally gallant Stas made the table of treats.

      – Anya, what style of clothing changed? Look, boots-Cossacks you, the skirt is suede. Usually, however, strictly look like. By the way, why do you have red thread on your wrist?

      – Brought from Jerusalem.

      – Are you a Jew?

      No, the Orthodox. And you, by the way, brought from travels?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»For daughters dresses, accessories. I go to the shop and sweeping away what we like: bright, color, direct. I love to dress up! Even clothes for themselves. Buy Belgian designers, Australian. See the thing is, I feel – “my”, then understand that we must take. Look what my jewelry is from Europe.—
      Really do think of the style? Or is it your costume?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»All by myself.—
      And even Inna does not help?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»My wife always just complimenting my sense of style. And since I like to pick up, Inna not go into it. It does not impose anything, and creates the space comfortable for living and creativity.
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»

      Sadness down

      There are people who throw the book, not read, and there are those who even uninteresting will make it to the end. How about you?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»There is a way on which you get, doing two steps, but gut feeling says that there is a deadlock. If you’re stiff, and then beat your head, spend a lot of energy, which could be a useful direction to apply. Why go to a place where strange result. It regards the people, the actions, the mistake that you are advancing in life.—
      Did you quit halfway?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»Thank God, God didn’t give them a choice. And I don’t know what I’d do. The things that I do, is harmonious with my inner condition. I never had these questions: do I need it? Only once, in the beginning of creative way, ask yourself if I needed someone? But that was a fleeting surge of emotion. I now definitely changed. Listening to their creativity, for example, the year of the 97th, breaks into a smile, even laugh.—
      Are you the doldrums? Still, you’re an artist, a sensitive man.
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»Depression – a disease of the soul. I have sadness, bad mood. When those days come, try to just switch. I get the statement “everything is relative”: someone is always worse. Thinking about it, realize what a weak and silly little thoughts you have. We must thank God even for the bad mood, because you’re alive, you have the opportunity to change everything, and someone she’s not. We have to thank God for the health of the parents, pray for it. Do not think that I sit here and tell people how to live, I am just talking about the passions that afflict himself.—
      You say it is possible to change. That in life you do time to change?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»Before the abyss, where I died, I was stopped by something. The temptations were many. The act that changed the life I got out of Sochi.
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»
      So, you think you a strong man?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»About myself very difficult to say, knowing how much I have faults and weaknesses… Unlikely for this reason to call themselves spiritually strong.

      The lesson of the father

      Discover the secret, what are the disadvantages of Stas Mikhailov?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»Weakness – my temper. Misbehaved, and then worried. Emotions cannot be put on the first plan, but are often guided by them in decision-making. Although it sometimes helps to weed out unwanted people. I’ll tell you, Anya, it is better to let the thoughts that come from the heart. First think, then do this, trying to learn. Over the years, stepping on your throat, begin to cut off the feelings. My second flaw – pride. She is the worst, interferes with life. Not so answered, looked offended inside.—
      Remember the case when pride has prevented you in some way.
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»My Golden, she’s with me every day! Can’t get rid of it – kind of a lot of public people. You’re liked by the audience and attention, and here again – and something doesn’t go your way… If this goes in the head, you have to remember where you came from. Sobering. It happens that I’m wrong. Then try to articulate.—
      Offended, then the comments are bad on the Internet too?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»I do not read them! I go once a day. Put up a photo, which I wish you all joy, happiness and love. And close “Instagram”. But my wife and a team of experts watching everything happening on the Internet. They want to analyze the process, to control everything. Inna showed me a few angry statements, which were found in your Network. I was upset, but said I don’t want to see it, don’t want to read my account. Let my page, for subscribers will be a celebration where they will be really easy to use. Don’t need my publicity to get even with someone. My wife just put them away, block access. It’s like you click “off” on the TV remote. And I love to answer interesting questions, requests for assistance. And stupidity is not the answer – better these extra minutes will be spent on the Innu, children, creativity. Most interesting, I told my father, “remember: fire wood is not put out!”. For spiteful critics simply do not need to pay attention to.—
      What else they taught you, Vladimir Borisovich?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»The whole life of my parents is a great light and example for me and my late brother. That they put in me. This way I want to pass on to their children. Even if it is unfashionable, but it is necessary that children respect their parents, thanking God for life. It’s simple: thou shalt not respect your father and mother and your children will not respect you. Little should already understand: waking up, need to thank the Lord for his. Want all the family for the holidays gather around the kitchen table were a single entity. Let the children in the head to realize that not everything is always smooth – issued and test. Having lost a brother, you know how it is. The tragedy of living in our house to this day. It is impossible to disguise, try not to remind parents, not to injure. Skip through the heart of this event was very difficult. I want to appreciate every day, hour, minute.
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»
      Often turn to dad for advice?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»He sends me his sociability, the desire to live. When the son died, dad changed. But he first said such a thing: “I Want revenge – we must forgive.” That’s a lot of strong people, not weak. I have momentary slips: “Now all prove I’m not!” But starting to punish someone, be the judge. Only deep people with a lot of heart and experience the spiritual life may not be judged.—
      You have the same keen sense of justice. How can you not judge if the person, for example, betrays?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»Look, come to you and hurt you is one thing. Need to find the strength not to judge. But suddenly encroached on your family – the law of the other. Defend! There is a line. For myself I can be silent and it will be your strength. The dog barks at the elephant, and he continues to go. But if you hurt the baby elephant – she will break. This instinct to protect children, parents. In this case it is not necessary to step on your throat – you need to act. I myself in this state, very afraid!—
      So serious was the situation when I had…
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»Not now. In his youth – often. 90-ies were terrible. Then almost non-existent rules. Transitional time in the country without rules. It’s difficult to imagine in our days. Not going to talk about those who are no longer alive, and to tell stories. My actions have been associated with unbridled fervor, some kind of foolishness. There was a situation that occurred many years ago, and if it happened now I would have behaved in the circumstances as well. There was my father in the evening, stuck people… scattered. I son been doing? In this state, I have no peace, nothing to fear. For a wife, a family I am standing mountain. Man should protect his rear. Different maybe just to show.—
      Children vaccinated?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»At Ivanka is well developed. My have a clear understanding: they are the children of one family, although they are different. They have no special conditions none! The hierarchy must be respected elder. Until the age when Ivanka tolerates and allows Mary to do anything. They understand that educated us. If I don’t bring surprise, they didn’t have a question, why not a gift. Activeproject – dad do that, but no – nothing. As we had in childhood: mom and dad – well, and there is no way. The child was rolling on the floor in hysterics, “I give!” – our family has never been and hopefully never will. They should grow adequate, good people. And, of course, happy.
      And healthy. As follow this?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»This care of mom first. All vaccinations, physical exams, trips to doctors – Inn. It monitors everything and provides vitamins. I’m a father sensitive, very hard for me to see when children feel bad. When girls get sick – out. How scary to see your native little man is not good, can not do anything. Like the common cold, but for me it’s an atomic explosion.
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»
      For your health, too, Inna watching?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»No, you every three months do a complete check-up of blood – often better to get checked and in any case not to miss anything. Parents make so often to go to doctors, of course, you can’t. They got people of Soviet education, so while I feel good, to go anywhere do not want. Convince once a year to be checked completely.—
      Sport in your life?
      Стас Михайлов: «Эмоции часто меня побеждают»If I hadn’t played sports and never was on a diet, then it would be “floated”. Therefore, physical education is present, but not some bodybuilding. It is important not to overdo it with all those dumbbells. Running on the track, and being in another country, just walking.—
      You mentioned diet… what is it?
      No hard limit! Only proper nutrition and harmful food tasty – in small quantities. Myself sweet love, however, rarely allow myself. This pleasure no less – all you need to know the measure, but to live in joy.