Сын Виктории Бекхэм получил серьезные травмы, упав со склона Brooklyn Beckham unsuccessfully performed the trick on a snowboard. 17-year-old heir to the famous family was urgently hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed the young man’s broken collarbone. Guy “chained” in the cast, and he still faces a long recovery.

      Winter vacation family Beckham spends in the popular ski resort of Whistler in Canada. David Beckham and his wife Victoria generously shared with subscribers of their “Integramod” pictures, telling about how great they spend time in the mountains with his grown-up heirs.

      However, a lovely stay friendly star company the day before was marred by the incident with the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham. 17-year-old Brooklyn, performing trick on a snowboard, could not keep balance and fell from the slope. Everything was recorded on video, which Brooklyn has published in his microblog, so everyone can appreciate the beauty of his tricks. The young man has long been not just snowboards and owns a quite difficult technique. Beautiful movie, which imposed the popular melody, breaks off all of a sudden. Brooklyn at some point down the slope.

      “Broke his collarbone at the end,” – said the guy under the video.

      In fact, after the fall of the young man could not get up. To him, hastened to the aid of loved ones who filmed his stunts on video. They immediately realized that Brooklyn was seriously injured, and his urgent need to get to a hospital. Doctors diagnosed the heir of the famous family of the fracture of a clavicle with displacement. Brooklyn was put in plaster, and now he has a fairly lengthy rehabilitation. On a snowboard, probably this season, the Amateur tricks won’t get up.

      “Get well soon!”, “Take care of yourself”, “Hope you’re feeling better”, “my God, I know how much it hurts. Hold on!”, under the video, telling about the fall of Brooklyn Beckham, left thousands of comments in different languages with words of encouragement to the young man.

      It should be noted that due to the injury of the eldest son of the star the family did not interrupt the vacation in the mountains. David and Victoria Beckham, along with his two sons and daughter continue to enjoy skiing.

      By the way, David Beckham admitted that he is not the example of his successors, he never went mountain skiing. And this year, enjoy exploring new sports, and his sons, 14-year-old Romeo and 11-year-old Cruz gladly agreed to instruct the father.