Andrey Malakhov: “Malysheva found my brother!”

Андрей Малахов: «Малышева нашла моего брата!» Most cited countries Dr. Elena Malysheva decided to conduct a risky experiment. And demonstration of circumcision of the foreskin, which the TV presenter arranged in the air with scissors and sweaters, compared to him – sophomoric.

      Now Elena will conduct DNA studies to take the saliva from famous people and tell them not only about predisposition to certain diseases and ways of prevention, but also genetic ties from the first to the tenth generation.

      For example, I found out that my second cousin on the paternal side is none other than the world champion in heavy weight, or Russian giant (that’s his name in the West) Nikolai Valuev. The fact that in his youth my father, a civil engineer, was fond of Boxing, of course, I knew before the test, but I have a younger brother who won in this sport all imaginable and unimaginable rewards!..

      Now hope free workshops and friendly gatherings with Nicky-hammer (another nickname). What relatives have found me participating in the experiment, Mikhail Boyarsky and Leonid Yakubovich, you will learn on February 26 in the program “Health”.