Старшая дочка Алека Болдуина пострадала от Люцифера
The sudden outbreak of a disaster destroyed all the plans of the sexy model.

Alec Baldwin with daughter Ireland

Photo: Instagram.com

popular young model Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim
Basinger, has become a hostage of a sudden raging storm. A terrible hurricane with
the downpour that hit southern California, which scientists dubbed Lucifer, struck
a lot of damage to her house and “locked” the model in her own home. About it
21-year-old Ireland said in his microblog.

Incidentally, Lucifer was one of the most
powerful hurricanes in this area for many years. It has already led to
casualties and left without electricity more than 100 thousand people. So Ireland, who became famous
its risky potassiam, got off relatively easy.

of the biggest of her problems was a huge tree that collapsed in the wind in
the estate models. It destroyed the fence and blocked the road to her house. “Green giant”
fell in such a way that the daughter of Baldwin now can’t get out of his

stuck in your home — until then, until the problem is solved. And guys,
who would be able to help me, get here soon, they are hampered by a terrible downpour. Between
by the way, those who say that California is always good weather, you can eat
own hat. What if someone was waiting for me this weekend, I really
sorry, but I have nowhere to go… thank you for understanding!” — well signed
Ireland photo which captured its holdings caused the damage, obviously hinting at her boyfriend, who was waiting for her to come and visit.