Дмитрий Шепелев жестоко разыграл телезрителей?
Network users find the strange behavior of the TV presenter.

Dmitry Shepelev and Boris korchevnikov

Fans of Boris Korchevnikov, it seems, can finally breathe easy. According to media reports, he will not leave the program “live”, the leading of which is for three years. This information was confirmed by official representatives of the TV channel “Russia-1”. He continues to appear in new editions of the TV show. But now viewers have another question: what about Dmitry Shepelev? He officially announced on his microblogging that will replace Korchevnikov. Dmitry has told that has already started filming releases, the output of which is scheduled for March…

Netizens have forward the only version of what happened: Dmitry was just making fun of his fans. Now only subscribers Shepeleva noticed that at the end of his message that he will take the post Boris, it is “smiley”. Besides, viewers remembered that some time ago korchevnikov a couple of times quite hard-voiced in the show in the address Shepeleva. In the Studio “Live” the father of Zhanna Friske — Vladimir Kopylov repeatedly made accusations against his son-in-law. So, perhaps published by Dmitry phrase: “Who if not I?” was actually written sarcastically.

At the same time, microblog in the graph of personal data Shepeleva says: “anchorman channel Russia”. The official comments of the broadcaster refuses, which further leads his fans in bewilderment. Until them we can only guess about what is really going on and who all the same will take the place of the master of the show “live”?