В семье звезды «Аватара» появился таинственный младенец
Zoe Saldana suddenly again became a mother.

В семье звезды «Аватара» появился таинственный младенец

Zoe Saldana with husband Marco Perego

Photo: @Instagram zoesaldana Zoe Saldana

38-year-old actress Zoe Saldana, star of “Avatar”
and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, gave his fans an unexpected surprise
she reported that her family had another baby! So this news
puzzled all because of Zoe’s pregnancy was not known to anyone. This information
appeared on the Internet site people.com.

“Me and my husband Marco is happy to announce the birth of our son
Zen. We are inconceivable happy addition to our family!” – posted by Zoe
his microblog and shared the first photo of the newborn.

Photo: @Instagram zoesaldana Zoe Saldana

This story seems quite mysterious. The fact that Saldana is not only announced that she is expecting a child, she never saw with at least a hint of increased stomach. But the last few months, she was not hiding, and constantly appeared in public. Apparently, zoey resorted to the help of a surrogate mother who carried her child. Or just adopted the orphan. However, it is unclear why she was not informed as to how her family has had Zen.

If Saladan, do not dare to give birth herself, she had a good reason. The fact that Zen was the third child of the actress. The first time she became a mother of twins si and Bowie, born in November of 2014. And this pregnancy. As said the actress was given her extremely hard. And it wasn’t just that Zoe was suffering from scores of excess weight — before birth weighed almost 90 kilograms. During pregnancy, it worsened every conceivable disease — from out-of-control thyroid to serious problems with blood. And after the birth of the twins and she did put a very nasty diagnosis — Hashimoto’s disease that cherevato dangerous complications.