Сын Татьяны Васильевой окрестил маленькую дочку The Ordinance passed in one of the temples of the capital. Tatiana Vassilieva had planned to personally present during the Commission of the Orthodox rite. It is known that the actress loves her granddaughter Mirra, which in March will be four months.

      Known actress Tatyana Vasileva in November last year, has once again become a grandmother. The son of a celebrity Philip and his wife Maria Vasilyeva-Bolonkina gave the star of theatre and film girl Mirra. The girl was the first granddaughter Tatyana Vasilyeva, before the children was awarded to her only boys.

      On the eve of a prominent family was very important and wonderful event – the christening of a little Myrrh. The girl was devoted to the Orthodox faith in one of the temples of the capital. The baby, as expected, dipped into the font, and then the priest gave the Myrrh in the hands of her godparents.

      On the christening of a daughter to delight in the microblog said the baby’s mother, Maria Vasilyeva-Bolonkina.

      “Today we have had a perfect day! We baptized our Myrrh! Baptized in honor of the Martyr of Myopia. Now Miruchi is your Guardian angel that will protect her in the most trying and difficult hours of her life. Which will give her the strength to move forward, and under no circumstances not to give up. Now our little one is invisible protection for the period of all its beautiful life. Our girl, we love you, be happy,” wrote a young mother.

      By the way, star’s grandmother Tatiana Vasilieva is also planned to personally be present during the baptism of a granddaughter and even talked about an upcoming family event, and their intentions to reporters. However, the only photos from the ceremony in the temple, which was published by Maria Bolonkina, actress are seen. It’s possible that she just asked not to remove her to this day.

      “Congratulations! Baby good health and unlimited happiness”, “the Most important angel’s grandmother!”, “I congratulate you! Miruska to be healthy Princess”, “Congratulations! Remember, what is a joyful event and the inexplicable ease after the baptism of his baby girl,” he responded to the news of the christening subscribers Blankenau Maria Vasilyeva.

      And the theatrical elite, and fans know what kind of relationship Tatyana Vasilyeva with her young daughter. Tatiana Vasilieva has made the daughter-in-law an expensive gift , the Actress indulges the second wife of Philip son expensive gifts, and she, in turn, calls her the world’s best mother-in-law.

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      There is no doubt that star Granny pleases and the fact that her only granddaughter Myrrh, which gave her son and a young daughter, growing her a copy.