Любовь Толкалина будоражит воображение полуобнаженным телом The actress along with her daughter Mary rest in GOA. Spending time beauties decided not only fun but also useful. Former civil wife of Yegor Konchalovsky successfully practicing Yoga.

      After breaking up with Yegor Konchalovsky, which for many fans was a surprise, Lyubov Tolkalina nothing time is not lost. 39-year-old woman devotes herself to her daughter and self-development. For example, right now, being in India, the artist is restored, not only internally, but also physically. In so doing, it helps yoga.

      Tolkalina publicly announced the breakup with Konchalovsky

      The actress posted on Instagram a picture where literally standing on his head. To stand on the uneven sand help elbows, the rest of the woman’s body tense, like a string. She’s posing in a very revealing swimsuit. Members admired the abilities and figure of a friend Konchalovsky.

      “How did you achieve such a result? Also would love!”, “Bravo! Well Done, Lyuba!”, “Great!”, “Love, I admire you! You are very Sunny, positive and very energetically whole person! Thank you!” – leave comments in the microblogging beauty followers.

      Such footage exposes Tolkalina not the first time. Prior to that, she has shared similar posts. For example, in nearly the same position, only with the knees bent. “All awake? The morning practice. Lyuba and Sirshasana” – shared the actress.

      It is worth noting that magical place, which now rests star, inspired her to dozens of unusual photos. Members even admitted in the comments that I am looking forward to another shot from the trip.

      The other day she posted a picture, which appeared before the photographer without any clothes on covering her naughty place with a scarf. In advance foreseeing the judgmental sayings, Love wrote: “Today at dawn we finally got to the iconography of the “Venus pudica”. I couldn’t resist. Yes, excuse me bigots, I don’t know any one other place where I would like. Just for the sake of beauty in the beauty. Who visited these places, he knows and understand who is closed, hurt, ill, or angry, don’t bother to leave comments… your words are, they are only your reflection…”

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      Perhaps yoga helped the actress get to know and love her body, since she regularly shares a very candid video and pictures. Once she posted the video, which is absolutely naked and crossed the river Moksha.