Алексей Чумаков и Юлия Ковальчук окажутся на грани развода Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a forecast for future artists. According to him, in these respects, serious passions boil, and at some point the couple will have the desire to leave. However, Chumakov and Kovalchuk will be able to find the strength to restore what they’ve built for years.

      Алексей Чумаков и Юлия Ковальчук окажутся на грани развода

      Today, March 12, singer Alexei Chumakov celebrates 36th anniversary. Became known in 2003-m to year thanks to the third place in the competition “the national actor” on TV channel “Russia”, today the actor and writer has two music albums and two novels – “In search of ghosts” and “47”. In the personal life of a celebrity too, everything is stable, it is more than three years of marriage with singer Julia Kovalchuk. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva birthday Chumakova made a prediction on his future.

      “Life code Alexei 257235 says that he was born in “the day of the big jump,” says Clara. Singer has a great future, the peak of its popularity yet to come. He is very charismatic and energetic guy, he was always welcome in any company. But he’s not one of those who could make a career businessman: Chumakov easy to part with money and to the financial side of his life is carefree”.

      As for relationships with loved ones, in this matter, according to numerology, Chumakova will not be easy.

      “He is emotional, has a very difficult character, says Clara. – Resentful, jealous, not able to keep silent in the right situation, he acts to his wife on the nerves. March 12, his life starts band lift. If he won’t be lazy next few months he will have good luck, and the singer will have a chance to record the hit, which will love not only in Russia but also abroad. Also, perhaps in the next two years Alex will be a dad.”
      Алексей Чумаков и Юлия Ковальчук окажутся на грани развода

      Relations Alexey Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk seems to be an exemplary couple has been together for many years and managed to overcome together a lot of tests. However, as it turns out, is not complete in this Union and without emotional disturbances.

      “His marriage to Julia made in heaven, – the numerologist. – The singer is the same as Alexei, life code – this happens rarely. They are two halves of one Apple. But in both programs there is no four, but it speaks to ongoing abuse in a pair. Their emotions will prevail over reason, so every misunderstanding ends with a scandal. But, on the other hand, the stars are quickly reconciled, and the family again the harmony.

      Despite the fact that the stars don’t have children, they should not worry about it – health problems they have are missing, Julia can give birth at any moment. Most likely, they with Alex have set up to work and live for themselves.

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      On 39-m to year of life Julia you have to be careful, she will face a decline of energy. In their with Alex will be a difficult period, stars will even be thinking about the divorce, but in the end will stay together. This pair is one of the strongest in the show business they’ll never part. Even the passions that reigns in their relationship, not able to damage this durable Union”.