The son of Tatiana Bulanova: “mother’s songs I don’t like”

Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся» Nikita Radimov has told how he is punished for the offense. Tatiana Bulanova gave birth to a boy married to a famous football player. 11-year-old child shared with “StarHit”, who secretly from his parents overwritten.
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»

The end of may was difficult for Nikita: he graduated from the fourth grade and I passed the first exams. In recognition of the 11-year-old boy, before the final tests are not particularly worried because he was supported by mom – singer Tatyana Bulanova, and dad – football player Vladislav Radimov.

Stylish pepper

Nikita, what estimate was given?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»I’m a good student, so I passed on the 5 all but of the world. It slapped four. But I’m not upset, there was a really difficult job. In General, I love exercise, especially classes on the street. Least favorite subject – music. We are on it don’t sing and retell the biographies of the composers!—
Noticed you just in time for this lesson go to live in Instagram. Mom doesn’t mind?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»It also looks at online, communicate. Incidentally, she made this page. I was there four years. It was like this: I flew with family friends to relax by the sea. My friend boasted about the Network profile, that my mom suggested I should get. Quickly agreed to this!
With someone of the subscribers to communicate?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Mostly friends added fans parents. They often write messages, ask how the day went, leave comments under the posts. Treat it neutrally. The main thing to not forget to put the huskies!
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»
Judging by the photos, you often change hair styles. Even with green color painted! He invent the image or someone copied?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Like the style and songs of the singer, LJ. Mom wasn’t opposed to change. Quietly may be asked to write me into the salon, where he will paint, and a haircut will do as you say.Tatiana’s comment: “What Nikita was a white with red stripes on the sides. He takes a cue from his older brother. He also is experimenting with your hairstyle! Honestly, asking for his hair not to spoil. But now the child has a vacation, even painted!”—
Admit it, mom’s hits listening?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Such songs I don’t like that she was aware and not offended. Because both understand that people have different preferences. —
In addition to Instagram have seen your videos on YouTube. He shoot it?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Doing reviews on Minecraft. Play this game from 8 years. But now less often. Free time try to spend with friends on the street – to play football. Though this sport has gone off to kick the ball will not give up. This files most often perform on the field, but can a goalkeeper to be.

A father’s Testament

With parents how to have fun?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Mom and I usually go to parks and cafes. My dad is in the movie, watching thrillers, horror movies.
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»
Who in the family is the most strict?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Dad, of course! Prohibited to sit on the phone. Thinks I hang out there for a long time. Wrong, the five or six hours, with breaks.—
And the mother describe?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Kind, wise Turn to her for advice. Especially when you need to dress for the weather. Because of the frequent concerts she is seldom at home, doing the housework is not possible. So here comes the nanny Natasha, who keeps order, goes to PTA meetings, meets after school. Try to help her wash the dishes or throw the trash.—
They give you pocket money?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Now I don’t. In the family the rule of thumb is money to be earned. Get in school good grades – reward! All earned prefer to postpone. Just in case. But I can buy something like jeans with sneakers.—
Communicate with his older brother Sasha (Bulanova son from a previous relationship. – Approx. “StarHit”)?
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»Heart to heart is rare. We are following each other on social networks, discussing any issues there. He has an interesting job – a Barista in one of the cafe St. Petersburg. Once came to visit him and tasted very delicious coffee.Tatiana’s comment: “We all live together, children are constantly in touch. Their age difference – 14 years, so little to talk about. But the sons always each other!”
Сын Татьяны Булановой: «Мамины песни мне не нравятся»
What do you want to become in the future?
Haven’t decided yet, choose between blogger and singer. The first option will be to do reviews on computer games, record vlogs. The second will take the example of the idol. Will remain a pseudonym.Tatiana’s comment: “While to talk about this before, I at his age didn’t even think of who won. I’m an odd son, he as a Soviet child’s dream to fly into space, like the subject, enjoy watching programs about the Galaxy. If you choose the profession of artist-to-resist will not. Genes – what can you do…”